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a written application and indicate: "the enterprise legal representative or person in charge, in the three years have not served as revoked import and export business qualification of enterprise legal representative or person in charge" (by the jordans for cheap or jordans shoes (city, area) bureau new air jordans foreign trade and economic cooperation filling);

Companies can achieve rapid feedback market jordans shoes which was more practical and feasible marketing strategy; Enterprises with large overseas new air jordans control, can build his own channel network; Also helps to improve the level of enterprise international jordans for cheap business.

Company Spirit
  Honesty Teamwork Profession Innovation Service Cooperation Cooperate with the customers in the new energy industry... more
Important Events
  Zeversolar has a professional team with innovative spirit and world class technologies. After massive marketing researches... more
Core Competence
  Eversolar is the first to enter Germany market,and also the earliest Chinese inverter brand to be accepted by Germany market. more
Prospective Planning
  Jiangsu Zeversolar New Energy Co,LTD more
Company Management
Established the clear responsibilities, operation and efficient corporate governance structure and management structure... more
Zeversolar has solid inverter technology,this is our cooperative basis. Zeversolar has nearly seventy R & D personnels... more
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